Universal Excavation keeps the focus on “green building” at all times with all of our projects that involve construction debris materials, especially when it comes to our demolition process. We take advantage of local suppliers and recycling sites in the community whereby we can recycle and reuse the construction materials. In many   of our projects, we sort the construction debris into various recyclable components so that it is possible to reduce or preferably eliminate entirely the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill. We consider our company to be a participant of the “green building” promise which means we are preserving our environment for future generations, conserving natural resources while protecting air and water quality at the same time. We are advocates of environmentally-conscious building practices and keep this focus at every phase of our projects, large or small. 

        When it comes to our demolition projects, we follow the deconstruction process as often as possible which is more a selective dismantling of building components specifically for re-use, recycling and waste management. This differs from traditional demolition where a site is cleared of its building by the most expedient means.  Deconstruction has strong ties to environmental sustainability. Not only does this process give materials a new life cycle, but building deconstruction may also help to lower the need for virgin resources. There are also economic advantages to deconstruction, which include reclaiming the materials for a new on-site structure, selling reclaimed materials, and donating materials to non-profit organizations and avoiding landfill “tipping fees”.  Universal Excavation understands the importance of “green building” and will continue to focus on environmentally-friendly construction practices as often as possible.